Cookery Class

Spend a relaxed and light- hearted morning with our head chef, cooking some of the dishes that have made Sicilian cuisine so famous.

Try making pasta with your hands, the traditional way; cook fresh sfincione, our scrumptious Sicilian version of pizza; have a go at stuffing beef with onions, pecorino, olives, nuts, raisins; find out about the secret ingredient behind our mouth-watering ricotta cassatelle.

At the end of the class you will sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labours – a four course Sicilian lunch.
Featuring a seasonal menu based on local ingredients, this private cookery class is great for adults and families. It begins at 10 or 11 in the morning and includes the hands-on preparation of dishes like:

Fresh bread

Alcamo style sfincione

Potato croquettes

Fresh pasta made by hand


Cassatelle - deep fried ricotta pastries 

The price is 65 euros for meat based recipes per participant (85 Euros for fish-base recipes if requested) with a minimum of 2 participants. We can arrange courses for anyone with particular dietary requirements if notified in advance.