Wine & Olive Oil

The Conte Testa family have been producing wine and olive oil for generations. In recent years we have become an entirely organic estate and last year our wine was granted official organic status.

We also qualify for the ‘zero kilometers’ certification (zero food miles) – as most of our products are grown or made on the estate
Our wines are constantly developing. Bottled wines include Nero D’Avola, Cabernet Syrah, and Chardonnay. We also grow most Sicilian native varieties and are about to go into production with Glera, Vermentino, and Muller Thurgau. Our wines celebrate the taste of the grape. They are uplifting, easy to drink and light on the palate, with sumptuous and warm aromas. All our wines are organic – fruits of love for the land, a love that has distinguished the Testa estate for many centuries.

Our olive oil is of the finest quality – light, sunny and mild - perfect as an accompaniment to bread or for salads.

Both wine and olive oil can be bought from the farm or shipped to you at home. We are always happy to supply prices for wine, oil and the cost of shipping. We currently ship to Europe, America, Australia and England. For the cost of shipping to any other country please contact us.

Home-made products served in the restaurant include: wine, olive oil, limoncello (and other liqueurs depending on the season and mood of the chef), lemons, peaches, vegetables from the garden, preserves, goats milk, ricotta, sun dried tomatoes, tomato paste, and occasionally handmade chocolates...