Grape Harvest

The grape harvest is the most important time of year for us. Exact dates depend on the weather, but the harvest usually begins in August, with a short break at the end of August, and then restarts in September and continues into October.  During the harvest it is possible to visit the harvesters and participate in the harvest.  Combined with the wine tour, a day with the harvesters allows you to follow the entire wine production process, from grape picking to pressing & fermentation in the winery.
For this activity please book well in advance. For more information please write to
Olive Oil Harvest

The olive oil harvest is perhaps one of the most beautiful moments of the year. Harvesting is done by hand in the autumn, when the heat of the summer is over but the air is still warm.  If you wish to, you can take part in the harvest - collecting the olives in nets, filling sacks with the crop, and then visiting the local mill to watch the oil being pressed.  The oil can be tasted fresh, as it is pressed, and after pressing is ready for sale immediately for anyone wishing to take home a taste of Sicily.
To participate, please write to