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Segesta is only 30 minutes drive from Tarantola and should not be missed by anyone interested in Sicily’s ancient history. Segesta's Greek temple is among the best-preserved in the world, and perched above it on the hillside is a beautiful Greek theatre, with one of the most stunning scenic views of any Greek theatre in Europe. In the summer there is a theatre festival here.
Trapani & the island of Favignana



Trapani's salt plains have probably been producing salt since the time of the Phoenecians, and flourished during the period of Arab rule. The natural assets of this area – a low-lying coast, strong winds and a hot climate – were ideal for the extraction of sea salt. There are about 60 windmills still standing here, the oldest being an Arabic mill with six wooden paddles, and there is also a small but charming museum. The salt marshes are now a nature reserve, and sea salt is still harvested and processed here. Trapani itself was once a rich port town, and the centre has elegant paved streets, shops and cafes, including jewellery shops specialising in coral and a café dedicated entirely to chocolate.


Scopello is a tiny historic town, built around a 16th-century ‘Baglio’ on the site of a Moorish hamlet. Scopello is a lovely place to stop if you’re visiting Lo Zingaro. It has several cafes and a couple of outdoor restaurants and boutiques in the centre. In Scopello you should try the delicious local specialty “Cunzatu Pani” (bread with anchovy, herbs, tomatoes, cheese and oil).


Founded by Carthaginians, Erice is a hilltop town with stone streets, incredible views and delightful treasures, including the Venus Castle which dates from the Norman period but is built on ruins of the ancient Temple of Venus (or Astarte) where it is believed that ritual prostitution was practiced. Erice is also the home of one of Sicily’s most famous pastry shops founded by Maria Grammatico – who learned to cook pastry as a young nun. You can read her moving story in the book ‘Bitter Almonds’.
Lo Zingaro


Lo Zingaro is a coastal nature reserve that stretches from the western edge of the Gulf of Castellamare to San Vito lo Capo. This is an unusually wild part of the coast, with crystal clear turquoise sea, beautiful bays, cliffs and high biodiversity, which is protected from development thanks to a long and determined campaign by local people and nature conservation organisations. There are many walking paths here, and if you’re prepared to walk for more than half an hour to reach the furthest beaches, you can escape from the crowds and find peace and quiet even during the busiest months.


Marsala is more than an hour’s drive from Tarantola but it is worth a visit. Famous for it’s sweet wine, Marsala does in fact have many wines to offer, and many wine bars where you can taste the huge variety produced in the region. Marsala has a glorious, paved grid of pedestrianized streets at its centre which burst into life during the relaxed weekend passeggiata.
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