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YOGA For Vineyard Lovers

Feel better, more vibrant, more alive

Yoga is a combination of bodily postures and breathing exercises that promote harmony, balance and well-being. In practicing yoga, the intention is to develop strenght, endurance, correct body alignment, as well as flexibility and relaxation. The regular practice of yoga has significant anti-stress benefits and quiets the mind.

Come experience Sicilian culture and food, enjoy doing yoga and immerse yourself in the lush green countryside. You will have the opportunity to refresh after yoga practice with a green tea or a granita (lemon, almond or the intensively perfumed jasmine) made from our local fruits and vegetables

Why not try it ? Let us relax our minds! You will have the joy of practicing yoga in a serene setting that encourages a renewed sense of peace. This practice is flexible enough, so everybody can join in (participants of diverse ages and skills)

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